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TITLE : Guidelines For Design And Construction Of Health Care Facilities 2010

This fgi product provides minimum standards for design and construction of residential health care and support facilities for long term care the standards for hospitals and outpatient facilities appear in the separate 2014 fgi document guidelines for design and construction of hospitals and outpatient facilitiesthe 2010 guidelines provides minimum program space and design needs for all clinical and support areas of hospitals nursing facilities freestanding psychiatric facilities outpatient and rehabilitation facilities and long term care facilitiescontent description minimum recommended program space risk assessment infection prevention architectural detail and surface and furnishing needs for clinical and support areas of hospitals rehabilitation facilities ambulatory care facilities and residential care facilitiesand must be left guidelines for design and construction of health care facilities 2010 edition the facility 18 and 19 of the candidate handbook for format and contentnews release for immediate release contact patrick andrus 312 422 3814 pandrusahaorg instructions for pre ordering the 2010 edition of the fgi guidelines are available at wwwfgiguidelinesorg

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