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TITLE : How To Study The Bible

Learn how to study the bible with a simple step by step method this technique is great for beginners but can be geared toward any level of studyone of the noblest pursuits a child of god can embark upon is to get to know and understand god better the best way we can accomplish this is to look carefully at the book he has written the bible which communicates who he is and his plan for mankindhow to study the bible in this article article summary general approach studying techniques studying with others sample study plan community qanda it is important to thoroughly read the bible but simply reading the bible is not the same as studyingfor more than 40 years now i have been studying the bible and it has drastically changed my life its been the key to radical transformation in my perspectives and attitudes and god has healed and restored my spirit soul and body through the power of his wordhave you ever struggled with how to study your bible like you read it but then what what can you do with the information you just read well my hope is that this video will help you learn how

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